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Don't get app

It doesn't even work I wasted 4 dollars on this crap do not get app!

Got me good

Saw it on fb and fell for it smfh don't do it


This is pretty cool!


They charge you for every single lock screen and when you set the live photo as the lock screen it doesn't move. Do not purchase


The live videos are cool and all, but you have to pay a extra $5 to download them😤.... not worth it

Issa lie

The photos are just 'live' photos. When you save them you hold your finger on them and they'll play, but when they're a wallpaper they're still. Buns of an app don't waste your money


Just a complete waste of money! First you pay 1.99 and you get a few themes and then you pay 4.99 and get a few more then after paying 7.98 they don't even work!! DO NOT BUY!!!

Don't Buy it!

Can Apple Store remove this app and refund for this cheating app?




Don't waste your money. That $3 could've been food 😔

Don't buy

Scam! After you purchase the app you have to buy wallpapers optionally. Not even one for free!!!


Scam. That's all it is. Pay 2.99 for this and then have to pay 5 for VIP to download them. I don't recommend it at all. Waste of money if you ask me. They don't even work either.


Yay you payed $2 for a cool wallpaper app, but surprise, surprise you can't get any of the cool wallpapers unless you pay $5-$6 for VIP to actually download them.

F this app I want to die

What pop shovin, dingleberrying, fart smelling, flashlight in ur eyes, toe stubbing waste of $2.00. You have to pay extra to use most of the screens.


I want my money back

Fake app

If u purchase 1 $ app then 5 $ after 1$its totally froad

I want a refund!!

All of the are VIP I waisted 1 dollar for nothing!!!


Scam!! Buy the app gives pictures of live wallpapers. Then to save u have to buy vip for $4.99. Then whats next? Another $0.99 to save?


After paying for the app now they want more money to download


Ok ok

Exactly 1 for $0.99

This app bites crank. Don't spend the $0.99 unless you only want 1 live of a lame light bulb. If you want the "cool" ones it will cost you $5.99. Of coarse they can't have balls and ask for that. They have to try to scheme. Get more and more.


After spending the $2.00 to get the app you have to buy the V.I.P package to even uses any of the wall papers. It's a scam

What a sham!

After paying 2.99 for the app I tried to install various wallpapers and oh, surprise surprise. Low and behold you have to pay for VIP to install any of them! Another 4.99. Why not just put your price up there of 7.98?? Shame on Apple for letting this rubbish in the store.


The app is $2.99 plus you have to pay an additional $4.99 to get VIP access to save any of the cool wallpapers. Complete trash.



Don't Buy!!

It's a trick. I spent the 2.99 and now it wants 5 bucks to use the wallpapers. Nope!

Malditos RATEROS

No puedes guardar live wallpapers , necesitas pagar $4.99 extra para poder obtenerlos 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 😡👺👿😾 💩, 🐖💨 aplicación de 💩 No merece ninguna estrella

Rip off

I paid 2.99 and I can't use any of the backgrounds I want my money back

This app is a rip off

This app is bull crap. I paid 2.99 for it to open the app and have to pay again for each live wallpaper that doesn't even work. I wish I can meet the sob that made this so I can kick his teeth in 🖕

A waste of money

I wasted all my money to get a live wallpaper and it was a normal wallpaper


Don't download this app no no no


Wubba lubba dub dub because of this app

Screw this

Yup. Make sure to read this before u spend 2.99 on this unless ur willing to pay an extra 5 bucks to b able to even save any of these


Straight TRASH don't waste your money!

Don't buy it

After you buy this you can't use any of the backgrounds unless you pay $4:99 to unlock them. What a ripoff. Wish I never paid for it

3 dollars is enough

I payed 3 dollars just to get the app and now it wants me to pay 6 more dollars just to be able to get any of the wallpaper... wow


I go ahead a get it and try it.... you cannot save any of them its all VIP (4.99) and they charge you 2.99 to get the app and all you can do is look.... theres no extra menu for ones you can get for free

Bait and switch

Charge 2.99 for the app which includes NO LIVE WALLPAPERS, Then want to charge 4.99 to get access to them? That's ridiculous and I will be talking with Apple about a refund.




You pay to get crummy bad animated wallpapers to only find out that you have to pay another $5 to get a little more decent but still awful. My statement: WORST APPA EVER DON'T EVER BUY.


It just a money bait trap!!!!!!! No good


This app is nice but why all of the hoops?


They charge for the app, and then the wallpapers again.

Waste of money

Why pay 2.99 only to have to pay again for any of the wallpapers?


It is not as advertised. Not only do you have to make a second purchase of five dollars to get the screens that they advertised in this click bait crap app, you have to hold pressure on the screen in order for it to work, just like your Live Photos. Secondly, the HD isn't. Not even close. I want a refund.


Rip off. Paid $3 just to load the app. Another $5/wall paper. I'd give it -3stars if I could. Minus a star/$1 I paid just to delete the app because it's useless.

Don't bother

Yea the screen savers are cool but you have to hold the screen down just so they can move. Plus you only have one screen saver to choose from. Then they'll make you pay 5 bucks just get the rest of them. Don't even bother.👎🏽


Waste of money, physically actually have to hold the screen to make it work I wasted eight dollars

Don't buy!!!

I give 0 stars because it costs 2.99 and then you also need to purchase the 4.99 wallpapers and every one that I tried did t work. I want my money back!

Sharknado fans Live Wallpaper

In store Purchase says $4.99 it you get VIP access to all the many Live wallpapers -- use Low Battery Mode . Click save and say yes when says access your photos sometimes may need to delete app in Settings at Storage and reinstall . Sharks swimming Bear dancing , Astronauts , Thank You ThemeGear Look forward to new ones Requesting a tornado funnel and make a wish on a birthday candle blowing out and make a wish on a falling star.

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